Lalux Assurances Headquarters

Lalux Assurances Headquarters

  • Client: La Luxembourgeoise
  • Gross surface: 20.280 m2
  • Location: Leudelange, LU
  • Status: International competition win 2007 / Completed 2012
  • Awards: Fiabci Prix d'Excellence 2012 - Winner / Bauhärepräis OAI 2012 - Mention

Flexibility of use, functionality, energy efficiency, user comfort and integration into the environment were central requirements for the Lalux building. At the same time, the company philosophy – customer proximity, openness, transparency, quality – was also to be reflected in the architecture.

The Lalux headquarters are located on the edge of the zone industrielle in Leudelange. On one side of the site, lies an industrial estate, characterized by a strong heterogeneity both in its architecture and in its use, on the other side there is a wide view of nature with fields and meadows. The Lalux representative head office with a strong external impact was built In this environment and clearly stands out from the neighbouring buildings through its architecture. At the same time, the building with its striking facade design makes reference to the adjacent natural surroundings. Inspired by the wheat fields, vertical aluminium slats in various shades of gold, brown and bronze structure the facade, create a uniform appearance and give the building lightness, dynamism and an unmistakable appearance. The generous, greened exterior surfaces and courtyards also make the transition between the new building and the green landscape appear fluid.

The building structure consists of five four-storey building blocks, which are connected by a glass base on the ground floor, meeting the client’s central wish to be able to rent out part of the office space. Two of the five blocks can be separated as unique units without disturbing the strong overall impression of the building. Three blocks are used by Lalux.

The ground floor and the first basement level house the publicly accessible areas – reception, foyer, customer offices, training, cafeteria, restaurant, crèche, fitness studio and auditorium – the office space is located on the three upper floors. In the arrangement and structuring of the building wings, attention was paid to the best possible use of daylight and interesting views and outlooks from the various locations in the building were created. The design of the open spaces and courtyards supports the impression of the omnipresent nature surrounding the building: Between the building’s two wings, variously designed inner courtyards have been created, and the visible flat roofs of the single-storey ground floor have been greened, creating green oases with different functions. The connecting walkways between the building sections are fully glazed, so that the wide views of the natural surroundings are not disturbed.

The facade design is a strong eye-catcher that is visible and conspicuous even from afar. 2500 vertically mounted aluminum slats in various shades of gold, brown and bronze cover the building envelope of opaque and transparent surfaces, giving the five building blocks a uniform but unmistakable appearance. The different positions of the slats and the play of colors created by the random arrangement of colors are reminiscent of the wheat fields in the rural environment bordering the back of the building. 500 slats are provided with a barely visible perforation and internal lighting, which discreetly illuminate the building in the dark and let it appear in an impressive light.

Achieving a high intrinsic value was one of the client’s primary objectives. This is evident in the way the environment has been managed, the resource-saving construction methods and the sophisticated building services system, which makes optimum use of existing energy sources thereby significantly lowering the building’s heating and energy requirements. The early inclusion of all stakeholders also contributed to the successful construction of this unusual building and the lasting impression it makes.