At Jim Clemes Associates we believe that every project must be considered in its unique contextual setting, seeking to link existing identities with new spaces and functions, and set the foundations for socially dynamic and sustainably evolving environments.

Environmental responsibility + sustainable design practice

Environmental responsibility is at the heart of the practice, as we consider it to be the challenge of the future and therefore an opportunity for creativity. As architects, we must acknowledge the long-term impact of the construction industry onto the natural environment and help make sustainable construction the standard within our industry.

Interdisciplinary practice

Our multi-cultural team disposes of a diverse pool of experience, uniting expertise from numerous disciplines, ranging from interior design to architecture and urbanism. Our design teams bring creativity and rigour to both the conceptual stages, as well as the construction and delivery phases. It is also the team’s in-depth understanding of end-user needs, which has enabled the delivery of highly specialised projects, such as in the education and healthcare sectors.