Zitha Klinik, Renovation polyclinic and magnetic resonance station

Zitha Klinik, Renovation polyclinic and magnetic resonance station

  • Status: Completed 2019

The challenges of the Zitha Klinik project lie in the cramped inner-city location of the building complex as well as in the difficult existing situation created by the various successive building components.

In order to maintain the hospital operation, the construction measures are planned in three successive construction phases.

In a first phase, functions from the planned demolition area of the centre médical were partially outsourced as interim solutions.

The operating theatres 5 and 6 were docked to the existing operating theatres 1 to 4 as container solutions.

The endoscopy unit was provisionally accommodated in component B.

The dialysis was definitely integrated into component D.

The second construction phase includes the demolition of the buildings centre médical, capus and épicerie and the creation of a new building along rue d’Anvers.

The new building section E offers the continuous usable space necessary for future-oriented hospital operation, which could not be implemented in the existing building stock due to small-scale floor plans and different floor levels. The central connection of the new building to the existing components A-B-C-D allows the realisation of a new main access centre for patients and visitors.